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At Institute BCN we are experts in Mesotherapy. We provide physicians and health and beauty professionals throughout the world with the widest range of Mesoceuticals® on the market, and the equipment necessary to apply the most advanced Mesotherapy treatments.


Traditional Mesotherapy

Cosmetic Mesotherapy is a treatment, which is capable of improving the majority of cosmetic issues by providing small quantities of active ingredients directly to the area where they are needed. In conventional Mesotherapy treatments these ingredients are administered via microinjections into the mesodermic layer of the skin.


Microneedling or Micromesotherapy

Microneedling or Micromesotherapy is a treatment inspired by traditional mesotherapy. Meso Pen opens more than 1.000 micro channels into the skin surface. These cutaneous micro channels or microtrauma create an innate response on the organism that helps repair the skin, stimulates collagen and elastin creation, improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss and improves skin wrinkles and fine expression lines.


Virtual or Needleless Mesotherapy

Virtual Mesotherapy replaces needles through different non invasive transdermal delivery systems: electroporation, iontophoresis, ultrasounds, thermotherapy, vacuumtherapy, galvanic and continuous currents, radiofrequency, etc. Virtual mesotherapy allows the transdermal conduction of the same pure active ingredients used in traditional mesotherapy and it does it without needles.

μεσοθεραπεία προιοντα


μεσοθεραπεία προιοντα